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Keeping More of What You Earned

At Schibli Stedman King, we view financial statements as reflections of our clients’ underlying goals. Therefore, all aspects of our services centre on identifying opportunities that lead to a better bottom line. 

We are a proactive team who put great effort into understanding both your short-term objectives and your long-term goals. Through regularly scheduled planning sessions, we review your financial results to determine your tax projections. We then strategize to minimize and/or defer your tax liabilities. Active participation with our clients throughout the year consistently results in optimized financial and tax plans, which means you keep more of what you’ve earned.

We operate a full-service accounting firm, and our clients benefit from these services:


Planning for Businesses and Individuals

We specialize in working with owner-managed corporations, groups of closely related companies and high net-worth individuals. Our planning focuses on the family group including all family members and corporations. Our objective is help our clients to get the most tax effective results and achieve their long-term goals.

Compliance Services

Owning a business means regular filings. We work with our clients to ensure all filings are done correctly and on time, including corporate and personal tax returns, GST and PST returns, estate and trust taxes, partnership returns, UHT, and T4, T5 & NR4s.

Advanced tax, succession and estate planning

Achieving long term objectives requires long term planning. This can include corporate reorganizations, business acquisitions and/or sales, and estate freezes. We take a proactive approach identifying opportunities to ensure our clients have the most tax efficient strategy possible.

Liaison with the Canada Revenue Agency

Dealing with the CRA can be stressful and time consuming. We become the first point of contact with the CRA for our clients so that we can deal with issues before they become problems.

Accounting & Assurance

Compilation Engagements

Compilation Engagements are perfect for an owner-managed business where shareholders are involved in the day-to-day operations. Through using information provided by management, we compile financial statements to help you make fully informed business decisions while looking for opportunities to help you grow.

Assurance Engagements

Review or audit of your financial statements adds an extra layer of comfort for owners who may not be involved in the day-to-day operations of their business. Assurance engagements may also be necessary for you to comply with banking, bonding and other agreements.

Bookkeeping and interim reporting

We are experts in accounting and tax, you are an expert in your business. We can provide interim financial information including income statements, balance sheets and statements of cash flow to allow you to focus on your business.

Business Advisory

Incorporation and Structuring Assistance

Whether you are starting a new venture or want to plan for the future, we will work with you and your advisors to determine the best corporate structure for your personalized needs and long-term goals.

Business Purchase or Sale Assistance

Buying or selling a business can be stressful and complex. We work hard with your other advisors to help you make the most informed decisions. This can include assisting in structuring agreements to get the most efficient tax answer and helping to make the transaction as smooth as possible.

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